Dare Iced Coffee: Callum Murray

Dare Iced Coffee has created a new TV advertising campaign for their iced coffee beverage. The commercial was created by the advertising agency AJF Partnership.

Here we analyze this commercial covering essential performance areas and give it scores out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, humor and overall execution. Take a good look at the clip and return to have a read through what we make of it right here!
The film was directed by Nick Kelly and produced by the company The Sweetshop

Memorability – 8 / 10

Sometimes short and snappy really is the best way to go. “Drink it through” is a clever play on words and the content of the ad itself is an equally clever play on the notion of thinking things through. The commercial is highly memorable thanks to its sharp comedic content. It’s only long enough to feature one all or nothing gag which totally works. It will make most laugh out loud and at least bring a smile or short giggle to almost all young millennial viewers.

Effectiveness 8 / 10

Drinks ads are commonly very gender specific and follow the same style of short and snappy comedy based concepts. The idea here is to make the target audience remember the brand for being fun, attractive and cool. This advert certainly delivers on those core principles. It’s not cheesy, it’s not sexy, it’s pure comedy with the aim of being incredibly catchy. We think this nail on the head and has a great chance of generating great interest from a maturing male millennial market.

Style – 8 / 10

A great bouncy soundtrack, witty script and crisp visuals give the clip life and vibrancy. It’s great to look at, the message is very easy to take in and comedic lines shine through seamlessly. It’s the type of commercial that can be broadcast to any country that speak english and receive an equally positive response from all of them. Could the product and branding be shown more? Yes we feel it certainly could. The commercial is designed to be seen over and over, so the quality of the content for multiple viewing takes priority before overly pronouncing the brand.

Heart or Humor – 10 / 10

The humor is spot on. It’s not complex and it really does help to deliver the message of “staying alert, being street smart, being right and making the right moves”. We love the way the baby responds to the initial name, which sets the tone for the rest of the content. It’s a really fun idea that has been created with snappy editing and a fine casting to give it the crisp presentation the brand deserves.

Execution – 8 / 10

A solidly constructed piece that is sure to earn its place in the minds of many millennial men that witness it. Will it sell Dare iced coffee? We think because of its effective humor and sharpness the brand will certainly stick in the minds of those that frequent such drink on a regular basis and make those that have never tried it curious to seek it out. The ad is memorable for its quality and so the brand is sure to benefit from that positive impact.

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A solidly constructed TV commercial.

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 4 votes ) 7.2

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  1. This is an appalling ad!!!
    Making fun of a persons name is not funny, it is demeaning, highly disrespectful and leads to damaging bullying of the victim.
    This appalling ad is aimed at the lowest common denominator. We thought society had moved on from endorsing such behaviour!!!


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