Cello Exam Expert _ Parents Learn Valuable Exam Lessons [720p]

Cello Pens: Parents Learn Valuable Exam Lessons

Cello Pens give us a catchy commercial that displays the increasing pressure on young students to do well in their adolescent years of study. The ad delivers a message that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of many parents and young school students alike. Here we examine this new commercial and give it scores for a range of essential advertising criteria. Have a look through our thoughts and see if you agree with our take on this fun and uplifting TV campaign.
The advert was created by the advertising agency JWT, Mumbai

Memorability 7 / 10

Taking such a growing trend and relating it strongly with the benefits of a quality pen is not easy. This is certainly a rather abstract piece that some viewers will find hard to grasp in the early stages of the clip. For many parents, however, this concept really does hit at a sensitive spot and for that reason, it certainly seems to have a great chance of standing out to those it aims to attract.

Effectiveness 7 / 10

When selling a Pen brand, It’s not enough to show the product in a good light. You have to show that the brand understands it’s core market and aims to nurture the needs of its prime users. This warm concept certainly does that and the brand is positioned positively for it.

Style 7 / 10

The comedy is very family friendly and certainly does a great job of highlighting the subject on show in a very positive light. The pen is not actually mentioned or clearly pointed out throughout the majority of the content, but the key aim here is to communicate brand intent as opposed to directly selling a particular product design.

The casting and scenery are very well planned. The characters on screen are all likable and no entities give off too strong of a “bad guy” vibe. It would have been very easy with this concept to cross the lines between wholesome and offensive, but care has been given to avoid such threats. Great lines and sharp editing ensure the content flows smoothly making it easy to watch.

Heart or Humor 7 / 10

The gags throughout the clip are not cheesy or “slapstick” and certainly comes across as genuine family-friendly humour. It’s a style of humour that will connect well with both parents and students. This definitely gives the commercial powerful appeal and will carry it a long way especially with audiences that can relate directly to the scenarios and characters depicted.

Execution 8 / 10

Overall the ad is based on a great idea, delivers a strong core message and does a fine job of appealing to the hearts of both parents and young students. The scenery is perfectly apt and the cinematography is kept in a captivating documentative style ensuring the authenticity of the concept comes across with distinction. Will it sell pens? Maybe not directly, but the content does enough to make the brand memorable, which in the long term is sure to prove hugely beneficial for the brands conditioning in the minds of its core customer base.

Valuable Lessons


The ad is based on a great idea.

Heart or Humor7.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 8

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