ASUS: The Alien and The Dinosaur

The advertising agency SuperHeroes creates this funny campaign for ASUS. They did nice adverts for ASUS in the past and “The Alien and The Dinosaur” is well done, too.
The film promotes the new ZenFone 3 smartphone and it is the same idea as the one makes by David Sandberg to promote ZenFone Zoom. The focus of the campaign is to show people that the ASUS ZenFone 3 enables you to be incredible. The campaign features Matt and Betsy, well known from New Yorks’s Upright Citizens Brigade. Matt and Betsy interview people on the street, asking them to come up with commercial ideas for the ZenFone 3.
A gigantic dinosaur, a disguised alien, and snow blizzards on a tropical beach are just some of the bizarre plot elements and story ideas submitted by people on the streets that were used for The Alien and the Dinosaur commercial.

The result is really surprising…

The official hashtag is #IncredibleIsNow and the tagline is “Directed By You”

This ‘streetsourced’ advert is part of the ASUS Incredible is Now campaign for the new ZenFone 3 series, a range of smartphones with class-leading capabilities that empower users to do anything they want. In this spirit, The Alien and the Dinosaur reflects the campaign by bringing the contributors’ wildest ideas and imaginations to life. For example, one of the plot elements of the video involved photographing a UFO flying at high speed, to demonstrate the ZenFone 3 PixelMaster camera’s rapid-focus capability when capturing moving objects. Another scenario had ZenFone 3 saving a party by using its incredibly loud speaker to replace a malfunctioning audio system.

Become anything you want


The ad is well executed and it has high potential to become viral. Well done ASUS & SuperHeroes!

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