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ASUS: ROG Intelligent Cooling

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ASUS unveiled a new cool campaign for its ROG gaming brand. The general message of the campaign is “ROG uses a strategic mix of hardware and features to achieve ideal cooling for each combination of components and chassis, while keeping noise levels low. Cutting-edge fan design and liquid metal work together with smart software to optimize your experience for work and play.”

There are four ads in this ROG Intelligent Cooling campaign:

  • Sorceress – Anyone wants to take a guess what this spell means?
  • Ninjas – Your laptop stays silent
  • Cowboy – Tex might not need it but the only metal you need is the liquid metal on your CPU
  • Knight – Surprisingly cold and seriously silent.
Sorceress ROG Intelligent Cooling advert
Ninjas ROG Intelligent Cooling advert
Cowboy ROG Intelligent Cooling advert
ROG Intelligent Cooling ASUS advert

Cool not Cold


A cool campaign

Heart or Humor10.0
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 9.2

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