Taco Bell: Chicken Philosophers advert

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Deutsch LA creates a funny advert for Taco Bell featuring aristocratic characters.


Agency:Deutsch LA

Taco Bell Credits:
VP Marketing Activation: Sasha Wolfe
Senior Director of Advertising: Ashley Prollamante
Sr. Manager, Public Relations & Brand Experience: Matt Prince
Food Consultant: Carolyn Avelino

Deutsch LA Credits and Titles:
Creative Credits:
•Creative Director: Jeremiah Wassom
•Creative Director: Armando Samuels
•Senior Art Director: Kevin Descardes
•Senior Copywriter: Matt Garcia
•Executive Producer: Paul Roy
•Senior Producer: Chris Schaldenbrand
•Music Director: Chip Herter
•Music Coordinator: Will Eichler

Account Management Credits:
•Group Account Director: Matt Matzen
•Group Account Director: Katie Klages
•Account Supervisor: Natalie Brock
•Senior Account Executive: Kristen Engasser

Account Planning:
•Group Planning Director: Kelsey Karson
•Senior Strategist: Sara Singh

Business Affairs/Traffic:
•Executive Business Affairs Manager: Ken Rongey
•Executive Broadcast Traffic Manager: Courtney Tylka

Production Company HUNGRY MAN
•Dave Laden: Director
•Mino Jarjoura: Executive Producer / Managing Partner
•Dan Duffy: Director Executive Producer / Managing Partner
•Caleb Dewart: Executive Producer
•Marian Harkness: Head of Production
•Omar Bustos: Producer
•Christopher Hoggard: Production Supervisor

Editorial/Finishing Company Nomad
•Jai Shukla – Editor
•Henry Carroll – Assistant Editor
•Justin Ladd – Post Producer
•Flame Artist – Brian Robinson

Color Correction Company
•Arianna Shining Star – Colorist
•Chris Lam – Color Assistant
•Stefanie Schaldenbrand – Head of Production
•LaRue Anderson – Executive Producer

Music Company
•Kiki Einziger – Executive Producer
•Ben Einziger – Executive Creative Director

Mix House
Formosa Group
•John Bolen – Mixer/Sound Designer
•Brendan Gates – Audio Assistant
•Lauren Cascio – Executive Producer



Aristocratic characters

Heart or Humor9.0
Reader Rating: ( 1 vote ) 10

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Comment (4)

  1. who is the girl at the end who has the line “we have an extra”

    it’s driving me crazy – it is NOT emily chang

  2. The woman with the chalupa is Christine Ko. I want to know who the actress is who ssys”it’s naked”

    1. I was trying to figure out if it was her or not. That voice and deadpan delivery convinced me that it is. Sorry, I don’t know who says “It’s naked”.

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