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Heineken: Cheers To All Fans. Men included

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Heineken unveiled a commercial for Women fans, as it is sponsor of UEFA Women’s League and UEFA Women’s Euro England 2022. The message is “What image comes to mind when you think about a football fan? Women fans? They make almost half of football fans across the world, so that makes sense.”

Heineken cheers To All Fans



Cheers to that!

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  1. Heineken is determined to alienate men with its advertising campaigns over the last few years.

    To endeavour to get women to drink the Heineken beer by taking a silly swipe at men with the slogan ‘cheers to all fans, men included’ is like scoring an own goal. Men are tired of being the butt of misandrist marketing strategies.

    Your main market is male, undoubtedly. But you will lose many of us with these woke campaigns.

    I and many of my male friends will never drink a Heineken beer again.

  2. So in order to combat gender discrimination, their solution is to now be sexist towards men? Since when were women not allowed to drink beer or enjoy football? The whole entire premise is ridiculous and I find these commercials to be deeply sexist.

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