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The most expensive T-Shirts from DIESEL comes bundled with a FREE condo in a new Miami apartment building.

The brilliant campaign message is “Talk about an investment piece. This exclusive Wynwood t-shirt comes with its own complimentary condo in a new Miami apartment building.
Whether you like urbane creative living or are just a big fan of a simple white tee, this is one not to miss.”

diesel expensive tshirt

Of course that the campaign has a legal note ” This legal note is to alert you, in case you didn’t get it, that the apartments are not really for free. And no, you will not get a free luxury apartment when you buy a t-shirt at that price. You’re actually paying for it. To be totally honest, it’s probably more the opposite: you buy an apartment and you’ll get a t-shirt for free. “




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  1. Ridiculous. Unless one of the young people pictured in the ad is a rock star or drug dealer, which a few of them look like they could be, none of them could afford any of these condos. And the people that can afford the condos would not want to live next door to the types in the ad.

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