63 Videos

EDEKA: Eatkarus learns to fly

A controversial new Edeka commercial about losing weight.

Pizza Hut: George Takei – Oh My

Pizza Hut TV commercial features George Takei.

OREO: Dunk Challenge

OREO Dunk Challenge features Christina Aguilera, Neymar da Silva Santo, Jr. and Shaquille "Shaq" O'Neal.

SNICKERS: A Live Super Bowl Commercial

SNICKERS Super Bowl Commercial features Adam Driver.

Cheerios: More Babies, Please

Cute babies in a mix of funny videos.

KIT KAT: Break Claus

Have a break this Christmas!

Milka: The Time Machine

Because we live in fast forward.

Rustlers: 80 Years of Torment

The advert going through the terrible scenes of one man’s life and don’t have to experience the horrors of the past.

Krispy Kreme: The Effect is REAL

Hidden camera commercial.

Lurpak: Game On, Cooks #GameOnCooks

You’re not a cook until you cook.

Chipotle: A Love Story

The story of two young entrepreneurs, Ivan and Evie, and the escalating rivalry that leads them to build competing for fast food empires