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McDonald’s: Dinner at Grandma’s: SundayVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 240442968

McDonald’s: Dinner at Grandma’s: Sunday

Comedic adverts are always at their best when handled by the world’s most powerful brands. Here, we go over the new “Buttermilk Crispy Tenders” advert by McDonald’s. We’ll give this ad a rating out of 10 for memorability, effectiveness, style, humor, and execution. Have a read through our review and compare our thoughts to your […]
Heinz: Geoff The FilmVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 233453803

Heinz: Geoff The Film

“Geoff The Film” is an animated commercial created by Y&R, New Zealand and its animation partner, Auckland-based Assembly. The advert promotes Heinz Beanz. The music was created by Franklin Road, for Kraft Heinz Australia. The tagline is “Part of our new range of cans perfect for every Aussie.” The campaign was just launched on television […]
Halo Top – Eat the Ice CreamVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 233099457

Halo Top – Eat the Ice Cream

Halo Top unveiled a creepy 90-second spot about ice cream. The advert takes place in an all-white room meant to recreate the white bedroom in Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Directed by Mike Dahlquist, the commercial shows us an old woman force-fed vanilla ice cream by a cold white robot. The dark humor film […]
Oui by Yoplait: The French GirlVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 231671264

Oui by Yoplait: The French Girl

When it comes to a diary, there’s something about a french production that always feels like a cut above the rest. Here we analyze the ad for “Oui” by Yoplait. Oui is one of the leading yogurt brands in America and this latest campaign sees this premium brand targeting the young female segment of the […]
McDonald’s: Love affairVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 230979842

McDonald’s: Love affair

Directed by Guy Manwaring, the new McDonald’s “Love affair” TV commercial is at least different. It promotes The Signature Collection burger, but it is hard to match luxury with McDonald’s. The melodramatic story is typical for advertising of an expensive bottle of champaign not for a fast food ad. The advert was created by the […]
Birds Eye: We prep. You cook.Video thumbnail for vimeo video 228929154

Birds Eye: We prep. You cook.

J. Walter Thompson, Melbourne creates this fantasy TV commercial for Birds Eye. The ‘We prep. You cook’ campaign introduces a new brand platform for the premium Birds Eye Deli chip range. Shot at Fox Studios, they all featured 7-metre by 3-metre hanging backdrops that were popped out mid ground with working mechanical sets. The music […]
KFC – Lunchtime is coming…Video thumbnail for vimeo video 228182640

KFC – Lunchtime is coming…

Two of our favorite things in the world combine in KFC’s “Lunchtime is coming” ad, Game of Thrones and chicken. Designated for the UK and Ireland, KFC’s latest attempt to take up a piece of the increasingly popular Afro-Caribbean cuisine trend comes with a humorous concept sure to appeal to a wide range of demographics. […]
McDonald’s: Dead Dad – banned – extended editionVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 217984187

McDonald’s: Dead Dad – banned – extended edition

In marketing, you can not play with people’s feelings. It is a fine line, and a marketing manager should be able to see it. McDonald’s pulls a TV advertisement in the U.K. about a boy whose father died. This happened after the company was accused of exploiting the feelings of children who have lost a […]
Carl’s Jr.: How the Baby Back Rib Burger was Born |Video thumbnail for vimeo video 216731539

Carl’s Jr.: How the Baby Back Rib Burger was Born |

The advertising agency 72andSunny unveiled the second commercial from Carl’s Jr. campaign “Carl Hardee Sr.” The advert features Charles Esten playing Carl Hardee Sr. The advert tagline is “Pioneers of the Great American Burger.” The marketing story behind the TV commercial is “Sure, people have thought about putting real ribs on a burger, but it […]
Arby’s: Need a GyroArby’s: Need a Gyro

Arby’s: Need a Gyro

Created by the advertising agency Fallon, “Need a Gyro” is the new Arby’s TV commercial. The advert promotes “2 for $6 Gyros” and features by the song “I need a hero” by Bonnie Tyler, but with modified lyrics. The marketing story: “You don’t need to be Greek to enjoy Arby’s Greek gyro. You just need […]
SUBWAY: Italian HeroVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 211260825SUBWAY: Italian Hero

SUBWAY: Italian Hero

Subway unveiled two new 30-second commercials to promote the Italian Hero Sandwich. The campaign was created by the advertising agency MMB. The campaign tagline is a hashtag: #SearchForBetter” “Close-knit neighborhoods are like family. Always in each others business. Throw good food in the mix, like a Subway Italian Hero, and forget about it, those neighbors […]
EDEKA: Eatkarus learns to flyVideo thumbnail for vimeo video 207416653

EDEKA: Eatkarus learns to fly

Created by Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, the new EDEKA commercial is an emotional advertising about healthy eating. Inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus and Daedalus, the EDEKA cinematic advert goes viral on Youtube and Facebook. The advert was directed by Alex Feil via Tempomedia. The tagline is “Eat like the one you want to […]