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Amazon unveiled its 2017 Christmas advert, a sequel of last two years singing boxes singing boxes Amazon Christmas commercials.
The ad features a little girl play on her toy piano and the marketing message is “The Amazon boxes are back in full voice, singing out loud for those feeling the festive spirit.”

You may ask what is the song in the new Amazon commercial? The music is “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” by The Blues Brothers.

The advertisement is full of joy and expresses the spirit of Christmas very well. However, there are many negative feedbacks from the viewers like: “Amazon literally showing their profits from local businesses. BUSINESS! Amazon hub at a local convenience store? hmm so Amazon literally showing the world a bunch of boxes with all the items they sell at a much lower price than a local business can….interesting showing their success as proof on an ad. Rethink where you power your money. – Jose J Muñoz”. Still, the majority of the negative feedback is business-related not to the commercial itself.

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