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AA Insurance NZ unveiled a new interesting commercial name “Dinosaur vs Unicorn” as part of the “Live a little freer.” The marketing message is “We don’t cover real dinosaurs but we do cover the things you care about, should your imagination run a little wild. Live a little freer with us.”
The advert was created by DDB New Zealand and directed by Adam Gunser trough Good Oil.

The agency DDB New Zealand said about this campaign:
“There’s a fair bit of uncertainty in the world. With more unknowns than knowns, it can be stressful. Typically, the insurance category exploits and feeds off fear to their advantage.

Not us though. AA Insurance believe that when things feel unpredictable, the fundamentals become more important. We return to the things that really matter. We provide the freedom to live your life knowing AA Insurance has covered the things that mean a lot to you.

The Live a Little Freer campaign is the antidote to the category’s negativity and complication. We give people permission to feel free, when they’re in a tight parking spot. Be defiantly optimistic even if there’s a storm brewing. Pirouette with a merlot, even when you’ve interior-decorated wall to wall in white.”



I like it.

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