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Home improvement is on the rise and Hornbach are making their claim for market share with a whole new campaign. Here, we take a look at the ad, “We never said it was easy”. We’ll review this commercial and give it scores out of 10 for a selection of core advertising criteria; memorability, effectiveness, style, heart, and execution. Have a watch, then read through our thoughts to see if they match your own first impression of this punchy commercial.

Memorability – 7 / 10

Strong and clear visuals are not always enough to break the mould and stand out. This is an example of the type of commercial that is arguably too simple and not piercing enough. The setting is dark and gripping with content that is directly relevant to the brand, but it’s neither entertaining or dramatic enough to rise above the swarm of commercials that will bury it on TV and online.

Effectiveness – 6 / 10

If you’re in the middle of a project, this ad is enough to remind you of the Hornbach brand, and what they stand for, but there is nothing outstanding to pull you into looking them up or favoring their offering. This is purely an awareness piece. The problem is, awareness pieces are meant to be thought-provoking or purely entertaining so that they stick in the minds of target viewers. This ad is good looking and delivers a clear message, but it’s not nearly captivating enough to adore and hold on to.

Style – 7 / 10

The quality of the production is flawless. The cinematography is strong and the visuals are attractive to a degree. Does it make you want to get involved and attack a new renovation project? Not convincingly enough in our opinion. Not enough effort has been applied to ensuring the brand’s core offering is clearly pitched and presented in a positive or unique light. Many people who have never heard of Hornbach before won’t understand the concept and certainly won’t be left compelled to find out more. One of the harshest things you can say about an advert is that it is easy to ignore. This may be on the verge of earning that classification.

Heart or Humor – 6 / 10

Neither heart or humor is used to a great deal in this concept. The idea here seems to be to simply get the brand out there, present a simplistic representation of what the brand stands for and let the visuals do all the talking. Concepts that lack flare, drama or humor can work if they have a solid story to tell. This concept seems to lack all of the above, which is a sure way to underwhelm most viewers and simply nudge those who are aware of the brand already.

Execution – 7 / 10

It might not set the world on fire, but at least the ad does a fine job of showing off what the brand represents. Consumers currently undergoing renovation projects will be reminded to consider Hornbach as one of their options after viewing this ad and that seems to be the core objective overall. Maybe not the most impressive concept ever conceived, but it still may prove effective at boosting sales during its running period.

We never said it was easy


The Hornbach's commercial does a fine job of showing off what the brand represents.

Heart or Humor6.0
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