DIRECTV: Hannah Davis Riding Her Horse

Hannah Davis and a horse replace Rob Lowe in the new DIRECTV commercials. The replacement is happened just in time as last week National Advertising Division said that DIRECTV should discontinue using a number of claims made in the campaign like the headline: “Don’t be like this me. Get rid of cable and upgrade to DirecTV.”

The voice over for the horse is Jemaine Clement, a New Zealand actor known from the musical comedy Flight of the Conchords.

The horse is DIRECTV


This new DIRECTV's commercial Hannah Davis is less funny than the Lowe ones...

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  1. And this commercial appeals to straight women how? Too bad I don’t pay this bill, I would switch to dish.

    1. You just proved your demographic doesn’t matter by saying you dont pay the bill. their ads are marketed towards demographics who buy their product.

  2. This commercial irritates me sooo much I change the channel just to make her and her horse go away. Do they think I’m a 10 year old girl or a 30-40 year old man. Please……..

  3. The “Hannah and Her Horse” commercials are miserably unfunny. There is a total disconnect between a dimwit fashion model, a CGI talking horse, and any plausible reason FOR viewers should switch to DirecTV. It’s unimaginative and just plain bad marketing.

  4. I love it. Hannah is very pretty but in a non threatening way… it doesn’t seem sexist and I’m on that rant daily. I’m not sure how they pulled that off. Everything is pretty: the woman, water, beach, and horse. How does this appeal to single women? The horse, duh. I would rather look and laugh at the horse than look at some dumb half naked 22 year old boy. They’re everywhere, but a talking horse?

  5. I’m sorry but I would NOT sign up for DirectTV because of these commercials. I find them utterly offensive. A woman rolling in the water with her boobs hanging out and only the horse has anything interesting to say? Thanks for setting us back YEARS DirectTV.

  6. One of the dumbest commercials on TV. Its Mr ed and the bimbo. Both stupid. As an equestrian, you should at least use a horse with better lines. Who writes this drivel anyway? Tards are us?

  7. Insulting to all humankind. Fake boobed bubble-headed blonde and fake talking horse. And this has what to do with whatever is being sold?

  8. Agreed With WL & Others Who Agree, That It Is A Terrible Inappropriate Commercial!
    Completely 100% Offensive To All Woman & Not Only That.. It Shouldn’t Even Be On TV& Aired For Kids Eyes.
    Cheap Porn Previews/Commercials Are Meant For Internet ONLY!
    Not Right To Be On Television & Basically Every Channel There Is.

    Who’s Idea Was It To Get Rid Of Rob Lowe In The First Place???
    Now He Had Some Funny Commercials!!
    & Actually Made Me Think Of Going With Direct TV And Leaving DISH.

    Now I Will Honestly Say, Since These Offensive Commercials Got Aired.
    I Have Completely Changed My Mind With Going With Direct TV & Staying With DISH…
    If They Keep Airing More Commercials With Exposed Half Naked Hannah.
    They Are Going To Have A LOT Of Customers Who Are Going Leave Direct TV & Go With Another Provider For Cable.

    Bunch Of Testosterone Idiots Who Are Going To Bring Down DISH!

  9. I think Jermaine Clement is extremely sexy and I’d like to see the flip version where he walks around in his swim shorts while Hannah does the voice of the horse.

  10. She met him in Tijuana, really and no one finds that offensive ? Rob Lowe’s commercials were great. Making fun of stereo types, not singling out anyone, I guess big breast will over humor

  11. Davis netted a “strong six-figure deal,” according to an industry source, for two ads that feature her with a horse on a beach.


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