Financial28 Videos

GEICO: Barber Shop featuring Tiki Barber

Another GEICO funny commercial.

Visa: Impossible deals – Morgan Freeman’s voice

Cute kittens and Morgan Freeman's voice.

TurboTax: Scary Dependents – Featuring Kathy Bates

A dark house filled with ghostly children...

TurboTax: Featuring David Ortiz

Funny 2017 TurboTax commercial featuring David Ortiz (Big Papi).

American Express: Moon

A fantastic cosmic journey of a little girl.

State Farm: “Yin Yang”

State Farm commercial insurance.

American Express: Tina Fey’s Guide To Workout Gear

Tina Fey tries so hard to be funny.

Quicken Loans: What Were We Thinking – Super Bowl 2016 Commercial

This is the first Super Bowl advert from Quicken Loans.

Centraal Beheer: Welcome

A hilarious commercial for Centraal Beheer.