Heineken: When You Drive, Never Drink.

The advertising agency Publicis, Italy did this great 90 second advert for Heineken. Named “When You Drive, Never Drink,” the film starring former Formula 1 drivers Sir Jackie Stewart promotes Heineken’s $200 million new global Formula 1 partnership. In the ad Sir Jackie Stewart continually refusing to drink Heineken because he is driving. It is an interesting choise to show people rejecting its own product.
The music of the advert is a version of David Bowie’s “Heroes” song by Postmodern Jukebox featuring Nicole Atkins.


Director: Gary Freedman
Executive Creative Director: Cristiana Boccassini
Executive Producer: Christiane Dressler
Sound Studio: Grand Central London
Post-production: MPC London
Editor: Adam Spivey

The right behavior of a responsible driver

Heart or Humor
Bold commercial.
Category: Drinks

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