The advertising agency Code and Theory creates the new BURGER KING’s commercial. Directed by Lucas Spaulding at Honor Society, the spot features actors Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez known from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” It promotes CHEESY TOTS, a bite-sized combination of warm potatoes and melty cheese inside with a crispy outside.

The advert’s tagline is “The comeback of the decade is here: Cheesy Tots. For a limited time now at Burger King.”

Fans have been craving the return of CHEESY TOTS™ for some time now,” said Alex Macedo, President, North America, for the BURGER KING brand. “So we wanted to give loyalists a holiday surprise after we heard so many of their requests. Now they’ll be able to warm up to these cozy cheese and potato bites this holiday season.”

CHEESY TOTS will be available for a limited time only on the lunch and dinner menu.

Napoleon Dynamite sequal

Heart or Humor
This Burger King's commercial is an example of how to use a movie character to promotes your product. First rule: the character must have something in common with your product (CHEESY TOTS was Napoleon's favorite snack).

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