BMW: The Escape Film

This a new episode of BMW Films with Clive Owen, 15 years later… In 2001, BMW launched “The Hire,” a series of eight short films online, produced by Anonymous Content and BMW Films. The series hit a huge success with over 100 million views (without Youtube or Vimeo help).

For its 15th anniversary, BMW revived the series with a new film, “The Escape,” directed by Neill Blomkamp. The film was written by Neill Blomkamp and David Carter. It features Clive Owen (leading character), Dakota Fanning (Hide and Seek and War of the Worlds), Jon Bernthal (The Punisher), Shawn J. Hamilton, Karl Campbell and Vera Farmiga (The Departed). The Escape seems to follow the previously established codes for brand content top flight: a Hollywood cast, a BMW, and action.

Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Produced by:
Bruce Bildsten – executive producer
Victoria Burkhart – Post Producer
SueEllen Clair – executive producer: Anonymous Content
Brian DiLorenzo – producer
Steve Golin – executive producer
Aristides McGarry – producer
Eric Stern – producer

Music by Kristopher Pooley

Cool car car commercial

Heart or Humor
More than a car commercial. Brilliant Hollywood style film.

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