Alfa Romeo: Super Bowl 2017 TV Commercials

There are three commercials into the Alfa Romeo Super Bowl 2017 campaign:

“Riding Dragons,” a commercial created by advertising agency Art Machine (the above advert). The tagline is “You’ve always dreamt of flying cars. Your dream just became reality.”

“Dear Predictable”, a commercial created by advertising agency The Richards Group, Inc. The tagline is “Leave predictable behind. The all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia stirs your soul, feeds your desires and delivers a permanent escape from monotony. The Alfa Romeo Giulia says goodbye to “Predictable.””

“Mozzafiato,” a commercial created by advertising agency Doner. Tagline: “To take one’s breath. The Alfa Romeo Giulia gives it back.”

All three commercials promote 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

La meccanica delle emozioni

Heart or Humor
The Alfa Romeo campaign is beautiful. The Alfa Romeo car is beautiful, too.

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