Our goal is to bring the best TV Commercials and criticize them together. dailycommercials.com is aimed to become a must-read and learn for CMOs, creatives, media buyers, content creators, agency heads and marketing specialists.

All TV commercials shown on dailycommercials.com are known to be published already on websites like youtube, Vimeo, etc. We claim no copyright nor is it our intention for copyright infringement. In that regard if we are in error and any of these spots is found not to be official on those public video web sites it will be removed immediately once it is brought to our attention and investigated the each case.

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  • Joe Meyers

    Some nit-wit did a study saying that phone numbers in commercials had to be given and repeated at least three times. Since that study, the number of phone numbers blasted into our brains each day has become pure torture.

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